Global Photo Search is an experimental search engine built upon GPS data collected from publically available photos on the internet.

Our team of bots scour the internet looking for photos with gps data hidden inside of them to add to our database. See what people around you are taking pictures of or even on the other side of the world.


Latest Photos

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Imperial CA United States
  Imperial CA United States 
(photo taken on 10/17/2011 with phone)
United Kingdom
  United Kingdom 
(photo taken on 1/2/2012 with phone)
Salinas CA United States
  Salinas CA United States 
(photo taken on 1/17/2012 with phone)
Pacific Grove CA United States
  Pacific Grove CA United States 
(photo taken on 1/14/2012 with phone)

Top Rated

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Summerland Key FL United States
  Summerland Key FL United States 
(Ocean Park Water Adventure)
Brooklyn NY United States
  Brooklyn NY United States 
(Prospect Park Zoo, Brooklyn)
Red Bluff CA United States
  Red Bluff CA United States 
(denver flooding iphone)