1. How do you get gps coordinates?

Many modern digital cameras include extra non-image data into the photos they take.  This data is known as exifdata and gps coordinates just happens to be one of the items included.  More information is available on Wikipedia.

2. How do I remove gps data from my own photos?

There are a number of tools available on the web for removing exif data.  We suggest you get started with this tutorial.

3. Are these your photos?

No.  All photos on the site were taken by other people and posted online.  Our bot found them through standard web searching.  Our use of the photos follows generally accepted fair-use guidelines.

4. I found my photo on your website, how do I get it unlisted/removed?

Submit out our DMCA takedown request form, located here.

5. How do you know my gps location?

We use 2 different methods for locating your gps coordinates when using our "find photos near me" functionality.

i. If your browser has geolocation data enabled, we use that.

ii. If no geolocation data is enabled, we use an ip address -> gps coordinate database (GeoLite) provided by MaxMind available from  http://www.maxmind.com

6. What is fair use?



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